Business For Sale - Land Vegetation Management Business Providing Labour/Machine Hire

Capella, QLD

Industrial/Manufacturing / Mining/Earth Moving Rural / Land Clearing, Machinery
$1,499,000 All Inclusive
Listing ID1471268

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Experts in Land Vegetation Management:

•Weed Control Management
•Labour/Machine Hire
•Pest Control
•Feral Animal Control
•Garden Maintenance
•Herbicide Spraying
•Power line & Fence line Clearing & Maintenance
•Fire Breaks & Controlled Fire Burn Offs
have been achieving targets and exceeding customer's expectations and schedules whilst staying within their budgets.
They attribute their ongoing success to:
•Honest, Genuine & Open Communication with our Customers
•Providing excellence in service, machinery & Labour Hire to Customers
•Ensuring Reliability & Consistency to Customers
•Long Standing Employees with extensive Experience
•Striving to provide ongoing Development & Diversification of Skills for Team Members
•Maintaining a strong focus on Safety & Compliance
•30 years' experience & an extensive knowledge base in the Land Vegetation Management Industries

The Quality Policy of is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by providing services which consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers.
Objectives are:
•To maintain an effective Quality Management System
•To achieve and maintain a level of quality which enhances the Companies reputation & reliability with customers
•To ensure compliance with relevant statutory and safety requirements
•To endeavour, at all times, to maximize customer satisfaction with the services provided
•To provide ongoing Staff Training & Development
•Offer Team Members above-award Work Conditions
Achievement of this policy involves all staff, who is individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all.